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self-expression by design

Jewelry is about self-expression, and so is design. The best part about being an independent brand is that we don’t have to copy trends or do what a boardroom tells us. We have complete creative freedom to design collections that tell a story, and that we can fully stand behind.

01 - Inspiration

Each piece starts with a story, a vibe, a mood. Through sketches and conversations, it’s an exploration: how does this make me feel? Our lives are complex, and the piece that’s perfect for you needs to have its own story in order to resonate with yours. This is the biggest challenge in design, and the part we consider art.

02 - Imagination

But how do you bring it to life? Once we have a good understanding of a collection’s story, we translate it into a unified visual language - lines, curves, texture, color. In order for the pieces to go together, we take great care that each collection is unified - so you can stack, style, mix and match to your heart’s content. Some days you want a minimalist look, and some days you want to go all out with power-dressing: our pieces are designed to shine solo or stacked.

03 - Intention

In practical terms, this means lots and lots of drawings, before moving to CAD and 3D prototyping. Each design is 3d printed, tweaked, 3D printed again, until it’s perfect. We ask not only “is this cool”, but is it comfortable to wear? Does it fit well? How does it feel holding it? Your jewelry should feel like a part of you, comfortable, and solid enough to be a connection to the world around you and a reminder of the memories it holds. An extension of yourself, to let you express yourself.