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About us

Obsessed with creating jewelry that is elegant, edgy, and ethical.

As an independent brand, we’re able to do things differently. Here’s what makes us special:

  • Every piece is designed with love in Berlin. We create stylish, minimalist pieces that work perfectly for every part of your day, from the office to the bar.
  • To make your life easier, we design unified collections that go together. Styling and stacking has never been this fun.
  • We use 100% recycled gold and silver.
  • Your jewelry comes in beautiful packaging that is 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable. 
  • Our customer service is amazing. If you have any questions, simply message us - we care about making you happy.

01 - Why?

Do you know that feeling when you know what you want, but you can’t find it anywhere? That’s how we felt one year ago, on the search for cool, modern jewelry, stylish and elegant enough for the workplace, but high quality and with a clear conscience. The brand we imagined didn’t exist, so we started it ourselves.

02 - Origin

Behind VEYIA are Natalie Grassi and Johannes Voss, a married couple, both born and raised in Berlin. Natalie was on the search for jewelry that was stylish and cool, but elegant enough for the workplace. When we couldn’t find anything that felt right, we decided to design some rings ourselves. The reaction from friends and family was amazing, and those pieces became the start of our first collection.

2023 was the beginning of a beautiful story for us in two different ways - we got married, and we started VEYIA Berlin. On our honeymoon in Italy, we spent the mornings climbing and hiking, the afternoons sketching designs and talking to manufacturing partners, and the evenings sharing and discussing ideas and visions for our new baby - a different kind of baby than most newlywed couples!

We learned quickly that the jewelry business is dominated by big corporations with investor interests and massive marketing budgets. We want to go about it in a different way. Our vision of an ethical, sustainable brand runs counter to standard industry practice of mass production and high markups. Of course a tiny company can’t transform an entire industry by itself. But we do things differently, and each piece you purchase from us is a tiny step you make towards change.

03 - Team

We’re a tiny, independent brand - right now the company is just us and our poodle Elmo. We also have the help of some amazing Berlin-based creatives for photography & social media. Each piece you order is designed and packaged with love by hand, by us.

Natalie Grassi

Founder & CEO

Johannes Voss

Co-Founder & Art Director


Human Resources

04 - Responsibility

We care about creating jewelry that we can stand behind. The amount of work we’ve put into making our business sustainable is so high, it needs its own page. Click here to learn more about why that is so important to us.

05 - Process

Most of all though, our goal is to create jewelry that is unique, that makes you happy, and that you’ll fall in love with. Click here to learn more about the work and love that goes into designing each piece, the stories and motivations behind our collections, and how an idea becomes reality.