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Article: Behind the Scenes: Our POISE Collection

Behind the Scenes: Our POISE Collection

Behind the Scenes: Our POISE Collection

At the heart of our POISE collection lies our vision to capture the essence of liquid gold and the flow of water- a dance of organic, raw lines that contrast with the smooth surface of the metal. Our collection is designed so that each piece can be mixed and matched, creating a seamless aesthetic and inviting effortless stacking.

Design to Reality: The Creation of POISE

Our design journey for the POISE collection begins with a vision, brought to life first through pencil sketches, then digital sculpting and CAD modeling. In this process, we needed to capture the fluidity of metal in the lines of each piece and translate that flow into its texture. The true challenge was in sculpting this unique, organic texture in the 3D model. This approach transforms our designs into wearable pieces of art.

From the Mold to the Final Jewelry Piece

The next step is creating a master mold, the foundation from which all pieces are made. It serves as the basis for an initial model that can be shaped and adapted. Perfecting the wave of our Cuff Bangle gave us some sleepless nights, but it was worth it.

Samples: Adding the Finishing Touch

Before moving to small-batch production, a sample is made for each piece of jewelry. We use samples to make final changes and check all the details. They serve as the benchmark for the quality and looks of the overall collection.

Material: Responsible Craftsmanship

At VEYIA, we opted for recycled Sterling silver as the base metal for our collection. We actively contribute to minimizing our carbon footprint and environmental impact by using recycled metals. 

Why use Silver Jewelry as a base?

Silver is a precious metal that can be heated and cast into a unique shape. This makes it the perfect base metal for individual, organic designs. It’s also hypoallergenic.

Its malleable shape makes up the biggest difference between silver and stainless steel: Because of its extreme hardness, stainless steel cannot be easily manually shaped and must be processed with precision machinery. This limits the shapes and designs that can be achieved, making it less suitable for individually designed jewelry with irregular shapes.

Our Sterling silver pieces are coated with a thick layer of 18k recycled gold. 18k gold strikes an ideal balance between the purity of the gold, its value, and durability. It lends the jewelry pieces their rich, bold color, making them more resistant to scratches and wear and tear.


We want you to create bold and inspiring looks that put your personality center stage. Upgrade your individual look with our pieces in Sterling silver, Gold Vermeil, or mixed metals.

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