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All of our pieces are designed by us and crafted by our partners with decades of expertise so you can wear them every day. Our Gold Vermeil jewelry is made from 100% recycled silver, covered with a layer of recycled 18k gold that is up to five times thicker than regular gold-plated jewelry. We decided to give our rings and bangles an even thicker gold plating so you can love them for longer.

Our curated Care Guide will help you keep your jewelry pieces as shiny and beautiful as on the day you received them.

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Handle with care

Treat your Vermeil jewelry like a cashmere sweater or your favorite purse. Despite its quality and durability, you need to handle it with care.

Keep your pieces away from water, cosmetics and remove them before working out to keep them scratch-free and shiny.

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Store away safely

Ideally, you will store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Moisture can cause tarnishing in Vermeil jewelry, which is completely normal. We recommend using our jewelry pouches to store your pieces safely.

Keeping your pieces separated in individual pouches when traveling also prevents them from scratching each other.

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Keep 'em shiny

Gold vermeil jewelry can tarnish over time, this is completely normal due to getting in touch with moisture or chemicals. You can restore the shine of your pieces by gently wiping them with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth or a simple microfiber cloth.

Do not use polishing cloths or pastes specifically for silver or gold jewelry, since they are coated with polishing agents that will remove the gold or rhodium plating of your jewelry faster.

For a more extensive cleanse, dip your cleaning cloth in warm, soapy water (don’t submerge the pieces) and rub your jewelry gently. Your pieces should be dried well after cleaning to prevent damage and tarnishing from the moisture.